Dry Creek D8 CBG – 5/10 Thread


Discover the exceptional qualities of Dry Creek D8 CBG, a premium hemp product that offers a unique and satisfying experience. Available in two enticing flavors, Orange Cookies and Pineapple Diesel, this D8 CBG strain delivers a delightful blend of taste and relaxation.

Orange Cookies: Indulge in the zesty and sweet notes of Orange Cookies. This flavor profile combines the citrusy freshness of oranges with the comforting sweetness of cookies, creating a mouthwatering and uplifting experience.

Pineapple Diesel: For those seeking a tropical twist, Pineapple Diesel offers a fusion of pineapple’s tropical sweetness with the earthy undertones of diesel. It’s a flavor journey that’s both refreshing and invigorating.

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